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2014 Nissan Micra

2014 Nissan Micra

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The new Nissan Micra 2014 shows some cosmetic changes, that put the image in line with other products in the Japanese firm.Nissan just exclusive show at a presentation held in Milan (Italy) the new Micra , which will reach dealerships next month September . As you can see, the car is maintaining its proportions known but changes some aspects of your exterior and interior design , now more in line with the aesthetics of the latest products of the Japanese firm.

2014 nissan micra picture

2014 Nissan Micra wallpaper

The front of the Micra, for example, receives a new grille with chrome V similar to what we see in the Nissan Juke and the Nissan Qashqai , with vent trapezoidal , something more elaborate. The Nissan logo hood disappears and becomes integrated into this new grill. The fog lamps are also different, and are located in a lower position and extreme , according to the new front bumper design.

2014 Nissan Micra front picture

2014 Nissan Micra front

Viewed from behind , the new Nissan Micra is identified by the new optics with LED lights and new bumpers. At the rear, we can see that has changed a bit the design and graphics of the optics, which now incorporate LED lights , a technology is also used in the brake light spoiler. The lower tailgate also has a new profile, which gives the car a slightly lower and wider. On the rear bumper sensors are located parking assistance system , another nice touch of equipment that the new Micra offers now to its customers and it comes standard in the range superior finishes.

2014 Nissan Micra blue picture

2014 Nissan Micra blue

Seen in profile, few differences exist between the Micra that has been sold so far and the new. Keep in mind that the base is the same , it is the fourth generation Micra was introduced in 2012.

So, your family is still very five-door body with very curved roofline and culminates in the back with a remarkable spoiler, sports a detail on a car that actually has a clear utilitarian approach. Slightly changes the design of the wheels 14 and 15 inches, and now enters the catalog a new set of alloy wheels 16 inches,  you can see in the photos.   Nissan has expanded the range of colors with a new Pacific Blue Pearl , so that in total there are seven colors to choose from in the range Micra.

interior with new details

The restyling that has decided to give the Nissan Micra has also affected the interior. What changes is basically the center console, which vents become square rather than round . Although the design of this console has hardly changed, the new 5.8-inch touchscreen navigation system  gives a new look.

The new Nissan Micra can be equipped from now the Infotainment system and Internet NissanConnect 2.0 with Google Send-To-Car , which allows the user to plan your route on a PC or tablet at home or in the office and then transmit the necessary instructions to the car to keep the mentioned route.

The interior exudes a sense of perceived quality good, thanks to new equipment and new finishing details.

Moreover, the system allows searching for points of interest through the software Google Points of Interest (POI) and access to the current weather or the price of fuel at service stations in the area, for example. The new browser also automatically calculates and suggests paths can be achieved with lower consumption and a table of results in the consumption indicated by the driver saved.

More equipment

Nissan has decided to extend the equipment available for this utility, which mounts a higher versions entry system and keyless start . For less skilled or vague when searching for parking, the car can do for them, through the measurement system of parking space , which makes parking in tight spaces.

Also new is the range of upholstery, both for seats and for the door panels. Visia and Acenta finishes have a woven fabric with wavy pattern , while the range-topping Tekna mounted velvet upholstery with double stitching . The perceived quality of the interior, as seen in the static display of Milan, is good.

2014 Nissan Micra wheels picture

2014 Nissan Micra wheels

Release date

The new Nissan Micra will hit dealerships in September, with a range of petrol engines exactly like that which currently exists . That is, will be sold with the known three-cylinder 1.2-liter direct-injection supercharged (DIG-S) of 98CV. input version of the Micra range will remain the engine fitted to the 1.2 liter 80 hp.  Prices, as communicated in the presentation of the model will vary slightly.

With this facelift, Nissan gives new life to this fourth generation Micra, which was presented in 2012 to the internal code K13. This utility takes thirty years on the market , since 1982, was released in Japan under the trade name of March, which still holds for non-European markets. Since then, four generations are already this utility , whose image “chic” continues to attract a number of customers, many of the female gender.

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